Have you ever felt….

Ta-dah Moments

Have you ever felt like you wanted to tell somebody about something you have done? But worried that they would think you are bragging or showing off?

I like baking, crafting, sewing and sometimes even doing housework, but if I tell some people, they laugh and make me feel a bit blah, when all I want to do is go ‘ta-dah’.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was somewhere you could share you ‘ta-dah’ moments, without fear of people laughing or thinking you were quaint?

Well here it is…

Ta-dah Moments – a place to share what you have made, created or even when you have just survived the day.  Send an email to tadahmoments@mail.com with a blurb about your ta-dah moment, send a pic if you want to and I will put them up here.

This is my first blog, so I will be learning on the job.

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Simply Sewing Magazine – Grown up Pencil Case

Simply Sewing Magazine issue 3 https://www.facebook.com/simplysewingmagazine free gift was make your own glasses case, gadget case, clutch or pencil case/clutch.

image image

I decided decided to make the Flower Pencil Case/clutch as I need a pencil case for my job, as keep losing my pens and the kids think it’s great to borrow my pens 👍🏻🎓🏫📋📖📚✏️✒️📝


Instructions are easy to follow 😃


Annnnnd here it is all finished image

and filled up with my pens and note book with handmade case


Lovely and the children liked it …bonus 😉

Thank you ☺️🌸🌸

Make Do and Mend 

Look what I found in my local charity shop  

Although I haven’t read all of it just yet, I have looked at the sewing bits and think it’s fairly interesting on how things have changed and how things were made and fixed back in the day.


All I can say is thank goodness for the sewing machine button hole function.

Just imagine having to sew button holes by hand 😐 I think I would of had a full on melt down


I love the N.B. Tip

It says make horizontal buttonholes for coats, jackets and all fitted garments, for looser things like shirts and blouses, the buttonholes should be vertical. Who knew ????

Thank you 🌸🌸

Another Handmade Doll 

Finally Finished her and Oh My I’m so pleased with her ☺️

Please let me know what you think???



Thank  you 😊

Hemming a Circle Skirt

This is the method I use to hem a circle skirt or anything that needs hemming that has a curve to it, it helps if your pattern requires you to cut with your grain on the bias, I know this is difficult as the skirt is almost circular but if you have some of it on the bias this helps by giving you a less lumpy edge 😊


Zig-zag your raw edge using regular zip-zag or using your edging foot/overlocker foot or your overlocker

image I have a overlocker foot which since I don’t own a overlocker machine is the one of the best sewing machine feet I own.

image I think it gives you a nice neat edge and leaves you with no stray threads that will need trimming of.


Sew a straight stitch about 1cm from the edge.



Iron along the line of stitches


Sew next to the zig-zag stitch trying to keep as straight as possible as this will show on the right side of your fabric.


Iron you skirt and that’s it


You can also do this method for a double fold you just don’t zig-zag your raw edge.

Thank you  😊🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸😊

Kanzashi Flower Tutorial

Kanzashi Flowers

These beautiful flowers are so simple to make and a few can be made in front of the tv in an evening, they make great detail to all kinds of projects like on handbags, dolls hair or cloths , children’s clothes, adult clothes to name but a few. 

To make Kanzashi flowers you will need:

Disappearing  ink pen or tailors chalk  
Buttons or beads

Here’s how I made the flowers 

You need to make 5 circles of fabric mine are 5cm dimension image
Fold the circle in halfimage
Using a running stitch, stitch along the curved edge of all 5 petalsimageimage
imagePull tight to gather up the petals and stitch together
Sew on you button or bead to the centre of the flower.image
and that’s it your first flower that I think looks like a blossom flower 😊🌸🌸🌸

The Folded Flower

imageYou will need to cut out 5 squares of fabric mine measure 7cm around each sideimage
imageFold in half length ways (to make a triangle)
imageHolding the triangle with the top point facing you fold down each of the top points to the bottom point.image
image image imageTurn the square over and fold in the left and right points to the middle then fold in half (so that the left and right folds are on the inside) 
image imagePlace a pin through the fabric to keep it together whilst you make all five petals
image image imageOnce all the petals are made with a needle and thread sew through the middle of each petal then trim of the access fabric join the thread with a knot making a loose flower shape
imagePush down the middle of the petal to make a petal shape, repeat for each petalimage
imageSew a button or a bead to the middle of the flower.
Beautiful 🌺

Pointed Petal Flower

imageYou will need 5 circles of fabric mine are 5cm dimension
imageFold in half and then in half again 
imageSew along the curved edge using a running stitch
imageRepeat for all five petals 
imagePull your thread to gather your flower and sew togetherimage
imageSew on a button or a bead to the centre.

Ta-dah 🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼


My first Doll Design (aka Lily named by my 4 year old )

Well Lily has become a big hit with my daughter, so far Lily has had a bus ride and a drinks at my local cafe, a car ride to the shops, played with constantly and she has stood the the test of being played with and has not fallen apart, torn or ripped so this makes me so very happy that my design has worked …Feeling very Proud of myself ☺️.

Lily is now getting her own wardrobe here is her party dress

image imageimageimage

And a jacket.

I think a skirt and top maybe next ohh and a handbag 😊

I have started making another Doll when she is finished I will post some pictures 

Thank you x