Super Cute Handmade Sock Bunny


I made this super cute sock bunny for my nieces little baby girl….cute isn’t she???ย 

Its super easy to make and who doesn’t have odd socks, I have loads of them I think my washing machine eats them ๐Ÿ˜€

So to make it you will need:

One childs sook

Ruler and Pencilssors

Rice (optinal)

Lavendar (optinal)

Toy stuffing filler

Sewing Machine

Matching Thread



Embroidery Thread or Small Buttons for the Eyes



And this is how I made the Bunny……….

I turned the sock inside out and flattened it out with the heel facing up or towards you,

then with a ruler and pencil I marked the centre of the top of the sock and marked two bunny ears either side of the centre line,

once marked and I was happy with the shape of the ears I stitched around the ears leaving a 4cm gap for turning and stuffing,

I trimmed around the ears and turned it the right side out.



Then I decided that I wanted my bunny to be able sit nicely so I filled her bottom with rice, next some lavander and finally some toy stuffing filler, stuffing her ears first and getting them shaped into bunny shape ears next his tummy, neck and head.

Once stuffed I hand sewed the side closed using ladder stitch and placed a beautiful ribbon around her neck pulling fairly tight as this helped shape her head from his body giving her a neck ๐Ÿ˜€




I marked where I wanted her eyes and nose to go with pins and embroidered them on using satin stitch,

once finished I gave her a little massage to give her the right shape and that’s it, easy, cute and even better to cuddle.



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