My First Doll Design

My First Doll Design

photo 5

photo 6 (2)The Final draft all ready to be made.

photo 2All marked out and ready to sew.

photoAll sewn together and ready to be stuffed.

photo 8Stuffed and looking more like a doll.

photo 1photo 5photo 3photo 4And here she is with the cloths I designed for her too. xx

I would love to read any comments you may have about my doll.

Thank you xx


Here she is enjoying a bus ride and at the cafe doing some phonics 😊x 


11 thoughts on “My First Doll Design

  1. She will be a well loved doll, that is for certain. I thank you for popping in and reading/following my bog. I like your process, drawing out the whole design including clothes. Am I correct in that you stitched through your doll fabric (2 layers) and THEN cut it out? If so, I think that is a genius idea. No little bits being chewed up in the feed dogs of the sewing machine. What did you use for turning the legs? Those long tubes can be challenging. I am also interested in how you put the hair on? Did you use a big eyed needle and thread it through; then stitch into the head? It is great looking hair by the way…just the right yarn! You have a great blog.

    • Hello and many thanks for taking time to look and comment on my blog.
      Yes I drew around my pattern, sewed and then cut it out as I find it easy to sew around each piece and that way you don’t get it caught in the machine.
      For turning the legs and arms I pull apart the sewn end to make a dip inwards and then use the end of a brush to push it through.
      With the hair I wind it around a book first then masking tape over one side, cut the other end and then sew with the sewing machine down the middle of the masking tape, pull of the masking tape and hand sew it to her head.
      Hope that all make sense and once again thank you

  2. This is lovely. I have noticed a lot of handmade dolls appearing in local craft shops near me recently, there is definitely a trend for them. Your tip regarding sewing all the pieces before cutting them out makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing.

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