Hemming a Circle Skirt

This is the method I use to hem a circle skirt or anything that needs hemming that has a curve to it, it helps if your pattern requires you to cut with your grain on the bias, I know this is difficult as the skirt is almost circular but if you have some of it on the bias this helps by giving you a less lumpy edge 😊


Zig-zag your raw edge using regular zip-zag or using your edging foot/overlocker foot or your overlocker

image I have a overlocker foot which since I don’t own a overlocker machine is the one of the best sewing machine feet I own.

image I think it gives you a nice neat edge and leaves you with no stray threads that will need trimming of.


Sew a straight stitch about 1cm from the edge.



Iron along the line of stitches


Sew next to the zig-zag stitch trying to keep as straight as possible as this will show on the right side of your fabric.


Iron you skirt and that’s it


You can also do this method for a double fold you just don’t zig-zag your raw edge.

Thank you  😊🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸😊


2 thoughts on “Hemming a Circle Skirt

  1. It’s funny I saw this because I am in the process of making a circle skirt and I realized I had no idea how to hem it. I was thinking it would be tough to not have it get all bunchy, so this was really helpful. Also, I’m curious – what does an overlocker foot do? I’m thinking this is something I may need (I may already have one), since I don’t have a serger at the moment.

    • Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post 😊
      An overlocker foot has an straight bit on the right hand side where you line the edge of your fabric up to so when you zig zag stitch it look like it folds over a small amount of the edging leaving you with a nice neat edge. I use mine on all edgings that need over locking I think it’s one of the best foot you could buy.

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