Have you ever felt….

Ta-dah Moments

Have you ever felt like you wanted to tell somebody about something you have done? But worried that they would think you are bragging or showing off?

I like baking, crafting, sewing and sometimes even doing housework, but if I tell some people, they laugh and make me feel a bit blah, when all I want to do is go ‘ta-dah’.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was somewhere you could share you ‘ta-dah’ moments, without fear of people laughing or thinking you were quaint?

Well here it is…

Ta-dah Moments – a place to share what you have made, created or even when you have just survived the day.  Send an email to tadahmoments@mail.com with a blurb about your ta-dah moment, send a pic if you want to and I will put them up here.

This is my first blog, so I will be learning on the job.

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