My first Doll Design (aka Lily named by my 4 year old )

Well Lily has become a big hit with my daughter, so far Lily has had a bus ride and a drinks at my local cafe, a car ride to the shops, played with constantly and she has stood the the test of being played with and has not fallen apart, torn or ripped so this makes me so very happy that my design has worked …Feeling very Proud of myself ☺️.

Lily is now getting her own wardrobe here is her party dress

image imageimageimage

And a jacket.

I think a skirt and top maybe next ohh and a handbag 😊

I have started making another Doll when she is finished I will post some pictures 

Thank you x


The Kira Dress


The Kira Dress Created by myself, I’m not a qualified dressmaker, I am a lover of sewing, a self-taught sewer having said that I do have a qualification as a craft Teacher and currently doing a Master tailoring Course I also voluntary teach sewing at my local children’s centre and I am looking in to teaching sewing for beginners, intermediate  and dressmaking.

So on to The Kira Dress, I firstly created the bodice pattern on paper using my little ones measurements.


I then decided to go straight in and cut my fabric and not to a mock up of it first, how very daring of me 🙂


At this point I have only cut the denim bodice and waist band as I will be cutting the dress part a bit later.

6photo 2photo 3

I place the lining and denim fabric wrong sides together and sewed around the neck and armhole’s, I clipped the curves and trimmed the edges, turned the right way out and ironed and topped stitched .


I inserted the zip and top stitched along the zip line.

photo 4

Waist Band – I folded in half and pressed placed it on to the bodice front and topped stitched it into place, using a double row of stitches.


25 I then joined the shoulder and waist together and that’s the top part of the dress ready.

For the dress part I calculated my little ones waist measurements and added on 10″ for gathering and using her length measurements I cut out a rectangle.

26For the gathering of the dress I turn my tension to the highest point on my machine it is number 9 and the also the highest stitch length this when sewing makes the fabric gather really nicely.


I then pinned the bodice and dress part together at the waist and sewed all the way around, and down the seam to make it a dress, I then measure the length again and pinned in a hem sewed the hem in to place using one row of stitches, pressed the dress and my little one could hardly wait to be my model. x


Thanks for taking a look and reading this post, please let me know what you think 🙂

Handmade Blossom Tree XX