Barbie Clothes – Stash Buster

My daughter is the very proud owner of a Barbie house, she was so very patient riding the bus home and then waiting for mummy to construct it, even helping with some of it she is very good at telling me where each piece went☺️

Once built ohhh the excitement of putting the new furniture inside and then ooohhhhh mummy we neeeeeeddd the Barbies ……..

Out they came in a whirlwind of Barbie stuff looking like they were having the worst bad hair day EVER, oh no what a messy mess mum, time for a brush we think, and whilst your brushing the hair I will have a go at making some clothes for them, even more smiles.

Here is how I made a skirt and top

IMG_3381 Two rectangles 16″ x 4″ and 4″ x 3″image Overlock or zig-zag stitch all the way around each piece.

image Hem the bottom edge

image Make a casing for the elastic along the top edge.

imageJoin the two short edges right sides together leaving the casing open for the elastic to go through.

imageThread the elastic through and their you go a Barbie skirt.

imageHem the two long edges.

imageMark where you want the ribbon straps to go, I did this by holding around the doll and marking with a erasable pen.

imagePin into place and sew across going back over it twice for strength.

imageRepeat for the back of the straps.

imageMeasure once again for where the Velcro should go, sew into place.

imageimageAnd their you a pretty Barbie.🌸🌺


Handmade Fabric Doll





















Hello I thought I would share the new addition to the handmade fabric dolls that I have been making, please let me know what you think.

image image image image image image image image image image image


Thank you 🌺🌸

Weekend makes~pegbag

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while I’ve been extremely busy with work and my girls , I’ve celebrated my birthday 🎂 and passed with a distinction a Autism Awarness course 🎓:) so very proud of Continue reading

Boho Trousers

My latest purchase is from


I used pink fairies fabric from


All over locked ready to put together


Pockets sewn into place


Ready to sew front and back together, using my new freebie clips from Simply Sewing Magazine


Love them very much indeed.


Elastic markings in place, I used Pilot Frixion Erasable pens best pens ever in my opinion :).


Ankle cuffs


My label ….


My beautiful little model








She loves them, she said ohhhh mummy are they for me? Yes honey they are:) huge big smiles and races of with the trousers to put on back with them on and out into the garden to enjoy the sun :)😍❤💜🌅🌞💗


Love Sewing – Mini Ruby Dress


Issue 14 of love sewing arrive …oh how exciting the mini ruby dress was what inspired my straight away, I couldn’t wait to get started but sadly I had to!!! Most annoying this going to work thing!!!! 😄 

On Monday evening I traced out the size I wanted this to me is the most tedious part of sewing, but needs must.

On Tuesday after a extremely bad day at work I went into my sewing room and picked several different fabrics I liked and what I thought my daughter would like, a couple of hours later the choice was made and I also tidied my sewing room a little😃

A lovely duck egg blue with white silhouette flowers.

Wednesday evening – another not so good day at work arrrgggg this week is turning out to be a struggle, after dinner we walked our dog, feed the ducks and then home for a bath then the run up to bedtime for little one, then finally a little sit down in front of the T.V with the fabric and pattern, I cut out all the parts and then pined the pleates for the skirt part of the dress which did take a while but worth it.

Thursday an absolutely awful day at work I just did dinner, walked the dog feed the ducks came home and relaxed after little ones bedtime and soaked my very sore and tired feet. 

Friday ohhhhh thank goodness a lovely day at work a very understanding boss who let me work in a different area, nice to know its being acknowledged that work has been difficult at the moment, so yes I had a lovely day and it’s Friday and end of term so a nice week of to relax with my girls, I also started putting the dress together the instructions are nice and easy to follow I managed to overlock the edges and make the bodice of the dress and pin the dress to the bodice before my eyes started to give up on me.

Saturday – Some shopping with my little one we had a great time looking around the shops and buying stuff, home for lunch and then some tidying up and gardening, my little one went to nannys for the night ohhhh some me time !!!!! 😍😀😍😀

So my Me Time went a bit like this finished tidying up, walked the dog longer than normal, made and ate dinner, had a shower and then some sewing huurrraahhhhhhhh I finished the dress,  

 Sadly it’s too big but she loves it and is not taking it of, I am going to make another one a size smaller, I will post pictures once made.

Becky 🌸🌸


Simplicity Star Sewer – 2286 Skirt  
I came across this challenge and thought why now have a go, so I emailed and they emailed back saying the pattern was on its way………..

The challange is for :

Best dressmaking project

The pattern in question for this category is the NewLook shift dress 6145, showcased in the Simplicity catalogue in chic check print.
This simple interpretation offers bloggers the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild, through their choice of fabric, trimmings or styling, with the dress able to be adapted to various sleeve lengths and necklines.

Best Vintage Make

Allowing you to add a modern touch to a retro sewing pattern or fully embrace a vintage classic, Simplicity’s chosen project is the gorgeous 1364 sewing pattern.
This 1960s inspired top offers a variety of finishes, from an effortlessly stylish sleeveless top to an elegant below elbow length top, allowing you to choose the pattern that suits your signature style best.

Best Newcomer

Choosing a sewing pattern that is simple to complete, Simplicity’s It’s So Easy 2286 sewing pattern, is a perfect choice for any novice who has been sewing and blogging for less than a year and is looking to showcase their skills.
This basic skirt should only take an intermediate sew-er a couple of hours to complete, leaving plenty of scope for hours’ worth of embellishments to turn this stunning staple into a sensational, stand out statement piece.

I went with best new comer because even though I have sewn clothes before I have not made many adult cloths and would like more experience before I start making more complicated items.

It arrive so did the fabric I ordered, so after some shopping, tiding up and a lovely cuppa with my eldest daughter who came to visit I decided to start the skirt.


Pattern all ready to go, fabric has been pre-washed, dried and ironed……good to go!!!!

Once the fabric was all cut I decided to overlock the edges before I started putting the skirt together.



 The only thing that got me say arrrhhhhhhhh lots was the gathering!!!! I’ve gathered before no problems but no not today I tried the sewing two lines process the gathered foot process etc nothing worked so after lots so unpicking 😒😒😒😒 I gathered by hand ..yes by hand!! It took a bit longer but no longer than all the unpicking I just did ! 


 Once the waist band was sewn on it looks just as good as if I had sewn it by machine, I think anyway.

And here it is  




modelled by my beautifully skinny daughter xx ☺️☺️

Thank you Jess xx

Please let me know what you think.
Thank you x 🌸🌸 

Love Sewing issue 6 Shoulder Bag

After a extremely stressful week at work and at home one of which included my beloved dog to go missing luckily he was found by the police quite far away from home who sent him to the dog warden who brought him back to me 23 hours later a massive thank you to everyone’s kind messages and to the police and dog warden 😃 we are all so very happy he is home safe and well.  

 I decided that some sewing was called for after all that, so a look through my magazines for inspiration and this is what jumped out at me to make.

So after cutting out 26 separate pieces it was fairly straight forward, starting with ironing with interfacing followed by sewing the main body of the bag using a T box or flat bottom seam for the bottom of the bag, next the D-ring tabs, bag flap, and the main tab.











Next up was the lining pockets nice and easy pockets and sewing the main body lining together followed by sewing the king to the main bag pulling through/right side out, top stitching around the top of the bag, then the bag strap a good iron and Ta-Dah a bag 😊☺️😄


I used my new bag today when I went out for lunch with my three beautiful girls, it held all my stuff from my old shop brought handbag and it didn’t fall apart 😃😄😀 X