My first Doll Design (aka Lily named by my 4 year old )

Well Lily has become a big hit with my daughter, so far Lily has had a bus ride and a drinks at my local cafe, a car ride to the shops, played with constantly and she has stood the the test of being played with and has not fallen apart, torn or ripped so this makes me so very happy that my design has worked …Feeling very Proud of myself ☺️.

Lily is now getting her own wardrobe here is her party dress

image imageimageimage

And a jacket.

I think a skirt and top maybe next ohh and a handbag 😊

I have started making another Doll when she is finished I will post some pictures 

Thank you x


The weekend jacket

I brought a jacket pattern from Etsy and thought I would never be able to make a jacket!!!

As it turns out jackets are fairly easy to make and I am super impressed with the results

20140518-105441 am.jpg

20140518-105452 am.jpg

20140518-105458 am.jpg

20140518-105507 am.jpg

20140518-105512 am.jpg

Please tell let me know what you think x