Love Sewing – Mini Ruby Dress


Issue 14 of love sewing arrive …oh how exciting the mini ruby dress was what inspired my straight away, I couldn’t wait to get started but sadly I had to!!! Most annoying this going to work thing!!!! πŸ˜„ 

On Monday evening I traced out the size I wanted this to me is the most tedious part of sewing, but needs must.

On Tuesday after a extremely bad day at work I went into my sewing room and picked several different fabrics I liked and what I thought my daughter would like, a couple of hours later the choice was made and I also tidied my sewing room a littleπŸ˜ƒ

A lovely duck egg blue with white silhouette flowers.

Wednesday evening – another not so good day at work arrrgggg this week is turning out to be a struggle, after dinner we walked our dog, feed the ducks and then home for a bath then the run up to bedtime for little one, then finally a little sit down in front of the T.V with the fabric and pattern, I cut out all the parts and then pined the pleates for the skirt part of the dress which did take a while but worth it.

Thursday an absolutely awful day at work I just did dinner, walked the dog feed the ducks came home and relaxed after little ones bedtime and soaked my very sore and tired feet. 

Friday ohhhhh thank goodness a lovely day at work a very understanding boss who let me work in a different area, nice to know its being acknowledged that work has been difficult at the moment, so yes I had a lovely day and it’s Friday and end of term so a nice week of to relax with my girls, I also started putting the dress together the instructions are nice and easy to follow I managed to overlock the edges and make the bodice of the dress and pin the dress to the bodice before my eyes started to give up on me.

Saturday – Some shopping with my little one we had a great time looking around the shops and buying stuff, home for lunch and then some tidying up and gardening, my little one went to nannys for the night ohhhh some me time !!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€

So my Me Time went a bit like this finished tidying up, walked the dog longer than normal, made and ate dinner, had a shower and then some sewing huurrraahhhhhhhh I finished the dress,  

 Sadly it’s too big but she loves it and is not taking it of, I am going to make another one a size smaller, I will post pictures once made.

Becky 🌸🌸