Baby romper

Tonight’s make is from a New Look pattern 6636, I made pattern Aimage image And I thought this fabric was cute

so heres how I made it…….

image All pieces cut out and ready to go..

image First step was to sew inner leg pieces placing front and back right sides together and sew using a 1/3″ seam, once sewn press seam allowance back on its self.

image Next step was to sew front and back middle seams together and once again press seams back on its self ( starting to look like its a romper now)

imageNext insert the zipper ….. Not my favourite thing to do, was very glad once it was in place a little wonky but in place.

imageSleeves  are up next, I decided to use bias-binding on the cuff edge, then I hand wound my bobbin with elastic thread & gave it a go with the sewing machine, I would of crossed my fingers at this point but I need them, it turn out pretty well just a little bit of pulling on the elastic just to get it to gather just right.

imageVery nice I think

image I then pinned the sleeve to the sleeve hole starting at the shoulder seam and moving down each side fitting it just right, sew using a 1/3″ seam.


imageNext its time for the bootie part, I’m now feeling fairly confident so this should be a breeze right? …

yeah I don’t think so…. It kinda fiddly, the only tip for this one is to go slowly when sewing.

image It looks cute when sewn though.

imageI joined the bootie to the bottom of the leg piece using the elastic thread and that is it finished, turn right side out give it a press with the iron and stand back and admire.

imageVery cute , I can hardly wait to see my nieces baby in it, just few months to wait though as she’s still keeping warm in her mummy’s tummy xx